Elena Zernova's passion for art has led her on a journey from graphic design to furniture making and finally to creating stunning resin oceans.  

As a young graphic designer, she worked in large advertising agencies for five years, where she rose to the position of head of a design studio. Her passion for photography and creating collages was already evident at that time. In those early days, before the advent of photo manipulation apps, Elena created her art manually on Photoshop. Her works were highly acclaimed and featured in several magazines from different countries, including on the cover.

After leaving the advertising agency, Elena turned to freelance advertising design, which gave her the freedom to work with clients from all over the world. In addition to her work as a designer, Elena also ran a wood furniture business for a couple of years, where she honed her skills in working with various hand tools and materials. It is one thing to draw in Photoshop, it is another to create objects with your own hands.

Elena's love for resin art began as a hobby. But her initial experiments were disappointing, and she spent 1.5 years with no success. She wanted to achieve a sea wave effect, but nothing seemed to work. She ruined a lot of materials, and her two attempts to learn from other artists proved fruitless. Undaunted, Elena kept experimenting, learning, and creating. Eventually, creating seas became her life's work.

Elena's life took an unexpected turn due to the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. She had to leave her home and studio with her family, unsure if she would ever return. But the support and help of millions of people around the world has enabled Ukraine to persevere, and given Elena and her family the chance to return home after 11 long months.  A return to creativity has become a healing force.

For Elena, the ocean has become a symbol of freedom and strength, and she now finds new meanings to love life even more.


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