English online resin art guide " The secrets of lacy sea foam" (English subtitles)

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SizeSea pouring Lesson
OrientationEng. subtitles
Online guide: The secrets of lacy sea foam in Resin Art.
English subtitles + Russian Video.

Suitable for:
Artists who already make seas, but experience problems with the foam laciness.

The guide contains:
• 3 main tricks defining the behavior of pigment, i.e. will it give you foam or not;
• 9 factors affecting the artistry of foam;
• 2 factors that can spoil the foam;
• 6 advices.

I’ll give you theoretical part and videos with my experiments proving those theories. The most complicated trick is shown in two experiments for better comprehension.

The result you’ll get:
• the foam will start to fray;
• you’ll stop spoiling materials and getting disappointed with bad foam;
• you’ll begin to manipulate different factors to obtain different effects.

You will succeed and here’s why:
There is no magic; only knowledge, skills and practice.

Guide description:
- online course in the closed Instagram account;
- 13 parts of video lessons with the total duration of 1 hour 30 minutes
- English subtitles to videos (I speak Russian);
- the information is divided into separate videos – you can choose and watch them separately;
- you get endless permanent access after the payment;
- you get feedback – freely ask questions in case you have them.

- TUTORIAL "Calculation of resin amount required for particular layer";
- CHECK-LIST: Recommended materials and places to find them.


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